11月是职业发展月, and we’re thrilled to have you participate in our 职业道路海报比赛! This is your chance to spotlight your career dreams and demonstrate how your Richland Community College experience is propelling you toward success while positively influencing our community.


Theme: 职业道路海报比赛
点击这里 2023职业道路海报竞赛规则
现场提交: October 30th – November 10th; Drop off your posters at 职业服务 N103 in Student Success.
虚拟提交: October 30th – November 10th; Use your 十大网堵平台电子邮件 Address to sign in and submit your poster entry virtually: 虚拟提交表格

Judging: 最后的评判将会进行,获胜者将会 100美元亚马逊礼品卡 将于11月28日公布th!

This competition is an excellent opportunity to showcase your aspirations and talent. 让你的创造力在你未来的职业生涯中闪耀, the role Richland Community College plays in helping you reach your goals, 以及你想对社区产生的影响. 我们迫不及待地想看看你未来的职业目标!




  • 探索职业选择
  • 连接雇主
  • 确定实习机会
  • 进行求职
  • 简历和面试准备
  • 为职场做好准备





Handshake 这是大学生找工作的第一途径吗! Join 十大网堵平台的握手 today and… 

  • 创建专业的个人资料
  • 被顶级雇主录用
  • 寻找全职、兼职和实习工作
  • 展示你的技能和课程
  • 报名参加面对面和虚拟的活动

Richland学生使用你的 十大网堵平台电子邮件 和密码访问您的 握手的账户 让我们开始搜寻吧!


Handshake – a powerful, 现代平台,使雇主能够搜索, 管理与, and recruit top talent at Richland Community College and institutions across the country

  • 直接与当地的,有才华的,熟练的Richland学生联系
  • 发布全职,兼职和实习机会
  • 促进专业发展和招聘活动
  • 报名参加RCC招聘会和活动!

雇主在这里注册 碾压混凝土的握手!

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  • – Find jobs at diversity-friendly companies and research careers by networking with LGBT and allied colleagues.
  • -高等教育工作和其他工作.
  • -人权运动是LGBT专业人士的资源.
  • -不同背景的工作搜索引擎.



Resume Help

在提交简历之前,请遵循以下建议: RCC恢复包23


  • 保持简短扼要. 新毕业生或刚毕业的毕业生通常是一页纸的长度. Make sure it is one full page or two full pages, not a page, and some change. 如果超过一页,把你的名字写在每页的顶部.
  • 常用字体,大小在10- 12pt.
  • Make headings stand out by using bold, underlining, italics, or all-caps.
  • 保持每个部分的格式和间距一致.
  • 保持句子结构统一. 如果你开始使用完整的句子,结束时也要使用完整的句子.
  • Use present tense for current involvement/tasks and past tense for past involvement/tasks.
  • Month and Year format (example: November 2009-January 2012) and be sure to include start and end dates for all activities except graduations and certifications, 仅使用完成年份(2015年5月).  包括预期毕业日期.
  • List in reverse chronological order (most recent first) for each section.
  • 没有缩写



  • Center your name and make it slightly larger or bold to stand out from the rest of your resume.
  • Use a professional-sounding email address (one that uses your name or initials).  Remove the hyperlink for your email address by right-clicking on it and selecting “remove hyperlink.”
  • Include at least one contact phone number and label it as “home” or “cell.”
  • 附上你目前的邮寄地址.


  • 这些都是可选的,但在你的简历上有一个是最好的.
  • 为每个工作量身定制这部分内容.


  • 包括机构, 城市和州, degree, minors, 毕业年月日或预计毕业日期.
  • 只有GPA达到3分时才包括在内.0 or higher
  • 使用粗体、斜体和下划线来突出部分.


  • 可以包括带薪和无薪或志愿者经验吗.
  • It does not have to include every position held and you can have another section titled “Related Experience.”
  • 包括公司, title, 城市和州, dates worked and bulleted under each include a list of major duties with most important duties listed first.


  • Could include computer skills, CDL, current certifications, languages, heavy machinery operator, etc.
  • Be sure to include your level of proficiency with a skill (Fluent in Spanish, 熟练使用Office办公软件.  DO NOT say you are an expert or fluent unless you are, because you can be tested.


  • 可以合并在一个部分或分开,如果空间允许.
  • 一定要在这部分包括校内和校外的项目.
  • 领导角色应该突出,日期也应该包括在内.

Interview Help



An internship is a cooperative learning arrangement between a private or governmental institution/business, 十大网堵平台-职业和完成中心, 而学生.  实习是以工作为基础的, experiential learning opportunity that is the culmination of your classroom education.

  1. A student should contact the appropriate academic department and meet with the faculty sponsor for their academic degree early in the semester to discuss potential internship opportunities.
  2. 在得到教师的初步同意后, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the institution/business regarding the internship.  A student should take advantage of The College resources related to internship opportunities by visiting the Career and Completion Center in the Student Engagement department to discuss internship sites, resumes, interviewing, 投资组合开发.  Update your resume and allow your faculty sponsor or the Career and Completion Center to review it.  The resume will be a critical component in your search for an internship.
  3. Once a student has the commitment of an institution/business to provide the internship, 学生需要开始体验式学习过程. 请联系职业教练开始这个过程.
  4. Once the agreement has been reviewed and approved by the Career and Completion Center, your employer, and your faculty sponsor you will receive an email notifying you of the approval.
  5. The student should then receive an Internship Packet from their faculty sponsor.
  6. The faculty sponsor will create an electronic folder for managing student surveys, 雇主评估, 以及学生的自我评价.
  7. The internship requires that you meet with your faculty sponsor for one hour each week.  你需要和你的教师担保人一起制定这个时间表.
  8. The internship requires that the student follow all rules and policies set by the employer.  迟到被认为是缺席.

Termination by the internship provider for any violations of rules and policies will be reviewed by the faculty sponsor.  如果指导老师认为解雇理由是有效的, 这个学生这门课的成绩将不及格.